Northern Delaware VE Testing Team

Amateur (Ham) Radio License Exams in Northern Delaware
Needed at the Test Session:
Please pre-regiser for your session on If you have ot registered ahead of time, we need to take valuable time to register you at the session which causes delays for all the candidates. If you pre-register, all you need to bring to the session is your government issued picture ID* and the exam fee (currently $14.00).

If you have upgraded recently and that upgrade has not been posed to ULS, we will need to see the original copy of your CSCE proving you passed the test.

You must now have an FRN to apply for any FCC license so bring it with you. we don't need to see it but you have to put it on the NVEC-605 application.

Cash (preferred for logistical reasons) for $14.00. WE do everything electronically now so we have no way to mail checks and we can't take credit cards.

Phone numbers and Email addresses are absolutely required on the NCVEC 605 application form. You cannot receive your license without a valid email, and we must be able to contact you via phone in case of errors or missing information.
* only one form of ID is required if it is a government issued photo-ID such as a Driver liccense, passport or school ID card. Minors/students may have special circumstances, contact the team leader for viable identification options.


     Sometimes we forget to tell candidates who pass exams what is next as far as getting their license:
You will get an automated Email from FCC telling you what your call-sign is and there will be a link to download the original copy. We strongly advise you to download that file and save it somewhere that it won't get lost or deleted since you can only download it (the original) once. You can always go into ULS license search (Universal Licensing System), look yourself up, and print as many reference copies as you want but those will have a watermark across the page "Reference Copy". Those copies are perfectly legitimate for all purposes, including upgrades BUT some relatively un-knowing entities may balk at accepting a reference copy, not knowing what that means, and insist on the original license copy. I once applied for a ham tag for my car and the genius at the DMV counter balked at the reference copy until I showed him the reg. Bottom line - keep the file and use copies of that for anything that doesn't involve the FCC. For extra safety, I print a hard-copy of the original and stash it in my fire-safe box so I can print an "original" anytime I want.

You can look anyone who has any FCC license up in the ULS license search by call sign (fastest since it is almost unique), FRN (close to fastest since it returns all licenses held under it that FRN [Amateur, GMRS, marine, airplane, broadcast, RCC ETC.], or name (can take forever since you are searching millions of database entries and it may return hundreds of possible targets if you have a common name that you have to pick through manually).

Next we hear:

 Okay, I got the license - now what?

Unfortunately people who just take practice tests to get the license fast instead of studying the license manuals, often miss out on just what they are getting into and often don't have a mentor to ask questions of.

     We don't want to see that happen. A few of our VEs have been in the hobby for more than 50 years and we are dedicated to the continuing success of the hobby! There is also SO MUCH available in Ham radio that almost nobody has experience in every facet. One of our VEs is into ATV (Amateur Television and has his own ATV repeater). A couple have had, or still operate Ham repeaters. Some are deep into Digital data modes. Some are into VoIP modes over Ham Radio. Some are into emergency public service. Some are into contesting, and others just like to rag-chew. Our CVE (contact volunteer Examiner) Robbie McCray, AD3L (formerly W3RSM) and a couple of others are ARRL certified mentors and we would be delighted to be of further assistance after the test session. PLEASE feel free to email questions that you may have to Robbie McCray, AD3L. A ham radio mentor is called an Elmer in ham-speak. We consider it an honor to be called an Elmer!!

For those needing special accommodations, special sessions (i.e. CAP, Scouts, Ham classes) please contact Robbie, well in advance of your intended exam date so arrangements can be made to assemble an exam team.

We will do whatever it takes within the regulations to accommodate any special needs including reading the test to you
(if we have separate space available). If the Email link does not work on your computer/phone, just copy and paste
 the address to send Email please.  Please use this email for any questions or concerns about our testing sessions or mentoring program.

Contact: If you still have questions that we have not answered, you can call Robbie at (302) 212-4275. If no answer PLEASE leave a message.

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