Northern Delaware VE Testing Team

Amateur (Ham) Radio License Exams in Northern Delaware
Sponsored by Christiana Amateur Radio Emergency Services (CARES)
NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED OR taken, they are not necessary so please just walk in

For those needing special accommodations, special sessions (i.e. CAP, Scouts, Ham classes) please contact Robbie, well in advance of your intended exam date so arrangements can be made to assemble an exam team. We will do whatever it takes within the regulations to accommodate any special needs including reading the test to you if you need us to (and if we have separate space available). If the Email link does not work on your computer/phone, just copy and paste the address to send Email please.  Please use this email for any questions or conceerns about our testing sessions.
You may also use our
contact form.

Due to the Governor's state of emergency COVID-19 restrictions, limiting indoor gatherings to ten people, we were unable to hold testing sessions until those restrictions were relaxed. We will resume in-person testing on Saturday, March 6th. Restrictions on building occupancy still exist so we MAY need to do split sessions. We suggest you arrive early to get a seat just in case. If split sesions are required, we WILL test all candidates.

 Please check back for updates before traveling to the testing site.

New FCC ruling

FCC will no longer accept Social Security numbers on applications EXCEPT on the CORES system to apply for a FRN.

PLEASE obtain your FRN before you come to the session!!

  Testing location

Holy Rosary Catholic Church
3200 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, DE 19703

Keep an eye on the ARRL "Find an Amateur Radio License Exam Session" website for complete details on this, and most other area exam sessions provided by participating clubs that administer exams and independent groups.

All three Amateur license elements will be available at each session:
Technician Class Element 2
General Class Element 3
Amateur Extra Class Element 4

Needed at the Test Session:
Two (2) forms of ID are required, one must be a Government issued photo ID
Any original license (copy we can keep please,we have to mail it in with your application package) and/or CSCEs must be presented along with a printed copy of new licenses
Cash (preferred for locistical resons) or check for $14.00, made payable to: W5YI-VEC No credit or debit cards accepted.
A pen and sharpened pencils and, if desired, a non-programmable calculator. You may NOT use a cell phone, tablet, pda, or other programmable device!
Phone numbers and email adresses are absolutely required on the NCVEC 605 forms. You cannot receive your license without a valid email, and we must be able to contact you via phone in case of errors or missing information.

Please see the announcement about Federal Reference Numbers above. If you have an FCC license for ANYTHING you probably have one already. The same number is used for all radio services governed by the federal Communications Commission which is every licensed service eXCEPT the Fedear Government, which is governed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

Your social security number MUST longer be used on our paperwork since we email the application to W5YI-VEC. Besides, do you REALLY want your Social Security Number going over the Internet via Email? 

Per the announcement above, FCC Reference Number (FRN) is now absolutely required by the FCC on NCVEC 605 forms.
You can search using various criteria to see if you have one, update it if needed, or register for your FRN if you don't have one at

This is a one in a lifetime registration and the same FRN will be used for ALL applications and licenses governed by the Federal Communications Commission, Amateur radio (Ham), General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) as well as commercial brodadcast stations ,Aircraft radio licenses and Marine radio licenses on boats.

All VE sessions Start at 9:00 AM local time.
Unfortunately, due to our limited resources, we must limit the time available to start new applicants on their journey through the application and testing process. We have limited time available to us so

AFTER 10:00 AM unless otherwise announced. 

Applicants are encouraged to keep taking
successive exam elements until they fail one. A large percentage leave with more than they came in for and, at very least,  it is a free look at the next test, even if you have not opened that book.

Exams are given the first Saturday of each month. We coordinate with the State Line Radio Club (SLRC) and alternate
months between the two groups/locations. Some of our examiners volunteer for both groups.

SLRC is currently using ARRL-VEC so their exam fee is $15.00 instead of $14.00 for WYI-VEC sessions.

SLRC gives their exams at:
Mason Dixon American Legion Post 194
338 East Main Street
Rising Sun, MD.
Contact for SLRC exam sessions is Ted, NT3R
(443) 907-0689

We do the odd months (January, March, May, July, September and November and they do the even months, February, April, June (usually at their Field Day location), August, October and December.

2021 Exam Session Calendar
Month Day Month Day
January* 2 July 3
February SLRC August SLRC
March 6 September 4
April SLRC October SLRC
May 1 November 6
June SLRC December SLRC
   * indicates session was canceled due to Governor's Covid-19 state of emergency and/or site host's policies/restrictions.
The building we use can only be scheduled one month at a time so sessions in yellow grids are tentative.
The building has been reserved.